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V.G. Raikhelson, B.A.,M.S.,P.I.

Proteck Investigative Solutions was founded by V. Greg Raikhelson. He has obtained his Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice. His concentration included coursework in interview and interrogation techniques, drug scene investigations, fingerprint analysis, forensic psychology and violent criminal behavior, criminal and civil law, criminal and civil investigation techniques, white collar crime analysis, and financial investigations.

Mr. Raikhelson also earned a Masters of Science in criminology and has written a thesis on “advantages of inductive criminal profiling”, and is a member of the Criminal Justice Honor Society at Long Island University. He continued to advance his knowledge and obtain a legal education from an ABA approved law school and has assisted many legal experts in numerous civil and criminal cases throughout the United States.

Mr. Raikhelson was also providing mediation services while working for the New York State Attorney Generals Office in the consumer fraud bureau in Suffolk County, New York and has also worked in a law-enforcement capacity in Nassau County New York and as a probation officer in Palm Beach County Florida. His experience in the public and private sector has allowed our clients to obtain a successful investigation in various types of research.

Our teams of private investigators also have received on-going training in updated information and material on investigative techniques to continue as the market leader and state of the art knowledge base in legal research and investigations. Mr. Raikhelson requires all of his investigators to continue there update in new investigative techniques. He also teaches new techniques to new and seasoned private investigators in all facets of our industry, including but not limited to state statute interpretation.

Mr. Raikhelson has also trained hundreds of private investigators in the public and private industry in various investigative and legal techniques and has trained all of proteck Investigative solutions employees with a hands on approach.

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